Welcome To Harvest

It’s hard to believe that we have been serving the faithful by way of group pilgrimage tours and worldwide Church encounters for over 25 years. Pilgrimage has been popular through the ages and among all people because the outer journey becomes a symbol to the pilgrim for the meaning of life, expressing in a physical gesture a deep interior longing of the soul to find its true destination.

Scheduled Pilgrimages

2015 Scheduled Pilgrimages

Why not consider setting out on a pilgrimage journey in 2015 along one of our sacred paths and to being vulnerable to the great possibilities that this may bring.

Private Groups

Customised Private Groups

We invite Parish Priests, diocesan and community leaders to consider the benefits of accompanying a privately customised group pilgrimage as a powerful means of fellowship and spiritual renewal.

Harvest Inroads

Harvest Inroads

The Inroads team of pilgrimage experts have developed an extensive array of young adult and school expeditions saturated in mission, immersion and adventure. Click here for more information.

Proven Spiritual Directors

Proven Spiritual Chaplains

You can be assured that Harvest are committed to providing the most suitable priest chaplains, hand chosen to spiritually lead and joyfully accompany you every step of the way.